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Pallet Table

The Triad / Ruvo Pallet Table

Practical, versatile and rugged, yet priced to make modest runs as profitable as full line production.

The Triad Pallet Table gives you square and rigid pallet construction with quick set up, fast height or width dimension changes. Designed specifically for one man operation.

The Triad Pallet Table is designed for low volume "in house" production as well as multiple unit high speed, high volume commercial production. Comes with quick disconnect air outlet for pneumatic nailer or stapler. Deluxe model is equipped with ASME air storage tank, manifold, air regulator and safety valve. The Triad Pallet Table makes quality pallets in far less time than other methods.

The stringer holders are welded steel components to take rugged pounding. They can be positioned anywhere along the bar giving you easy set up to any size. The holders are adjustable from 2" x 4" to 4" x 4" stringers and the deluxe models have air ejection cylinders at the four corners.

The fence aligns the slat ends whether the pallet is flush end or overhang type. It adjusts independently of the other fixtures allowing complete removal if required. Quick set up time, fast dimension changes in a matter of minutes.

The frame top can be adjusted from a flat work table to an angled easel, which allows the operator to nail even big pallets without stretching or walking. The height may also be varied to accommodate the operator.

The Triad Pallet Table comes with 12 adjustable fingers to easily and consistently position the slats. Length of fingers allow slat thickness of " to 1" in thickness. The slat positions can be matched to facilitate flipping the pallet over to nail the bottom.


Size Minimum 26" x 28" - Maximum 48" x 54"
Stringers Single or double 2 or 3 2" x 4" or 4" x 4"
Slats Single or double faced slat position matched any number of slats flush end or overhang " to 1" slat thickness.
Power Model PT - None
Model PTM - 90 PSI air
Model PTMT - 90 PSI air

Tank ASME w/safety valve, air regulator (deluxe model)

*All specifications are subject to change without notice*

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