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RUVO 855 SPL Fully Automatic
Hopper Fed Casing Miter & Kerf Saw

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Ruvo 855 Auto Casing Miter & Kerf Saw

This machine is a productive hopped fed trim saw.  Cuts to exact size and perfect miter fit along with accurate kerf cuts for spline nailing.   Competitively priced.

The Ruvo 855 SPL Hopper Fed Casing Saw was designed for one relatively unskilled worker.
Key to this exceptional production is a smooth operating, easily loaded in-feed hopper.   This hopper avoids stacking of trim on top of one another, eliminating jamming, ruined trim and the lost production of other hopper systems.
The operator places up to 3 trim bundles on the horizontal hopper arms, cuts the string, loads the hopper, starts the machine, and (with the flick of a wrist) continues to slide the pieces into the hopper.
The feeding procedure is so easy that any reasonably efficient operator can keep up with the exceptional speed of this saw.
The operator loads the next bundles while the saw continues cutting.  Trim feeds through the saw and drops into a cart opposite the operator.
One head glides on roller bearings, using a rack and pinion drive, to effortlessly and accurately change lengths using a scale from 15 to 96 inches.  No tools are required to adjust machine for different trim widths or lengths.

Pneumatic shifting of the saws between 45/90 and operation of the kerf units is accomplished with 2 selector switches.
Cutting is downward to eliminate splintering and breakout, especially on pre-finished and less expensive trim.
The design allows scrap and sawdust to fall straight down, avoiding the jamming and cleaning problems common with upward cutting trim saws.
The step indexing and rubber protected clamping system holds the trim and assures very accurate miter and kerf cuts without marring trim.

Electrical & Motors

Saws (2) at 3,450 RPM  1HP each
Routers (2) at 23,000 RPM  1 HP each
Total Current
230 volt, 3PH, 60 cycle  6 Amps
115 volt, 1PH, 60 cycle  14 Amps
Other voltages available

From 30-40 pieces/minute   16-22 CFM
Feeder air line      inch
Cutting Capacity
Length (inside dimension)   15-96 inches
Width      to 3 inches
Thickness (inside edge)   to 13/16 inch

Saw (2), plywood 150 tooth, 5/8 hole  10 inch diameter
Kerf (2), high speed 60 tooth, 5/16 hole 3 inch diameter

Width      11 feet
Depth      8 feet
Height      4 feet

Shipping Weight
With kerf units     1950 pounds
Without kerf units    1875 pounds

NOTE: Quality wood materials required

*All specifications are subject to change without notice*

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